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I can’t pair my remotes to control the tv.

We have recently cancelled our Dish and purchased 3 roku devices for our TVs. All three devices have the enhanced remote with them. I can’t get any of my TVs to pair with the remotes to control the volume and power. It skips right over the step in the setup process. And when you go to the settings to do it it will automatically say after you type one letter that my brand of tv isn’t found. I have a vizio, Sanyo, and Lg. Does anyone know why it won’t let me pair my remotes?

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Re: I can’t pair my remotes to control the tv.


You don't actually pair the remotes to the TV. You pair the remotes to the Roku devices.

Once that's done, sometimes the Roku will recognize the TV and if your TV supports CEC, will automatically control the TV. However, some TV brands don't work as well. For those, you have to configure the remote to control the TV via IR commands. That's where you use the menu system to look up your TV and try that way.

Is that what you did and are calling "pairing?" If so, there are a couple of wrinkles that may need to be considered. Let us know what Roku device model (Settings > System > About) and what TV brand and model you are using. Finally, describe the steps you did to attempt to configure the remote. Include the menu steps, any messages, and any response (or lack of expected response) along the way.

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