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External USB peripherals with Roku Ultra boxes (DVD, BLU-RAY, etc.)???

I have had my Ultra 4670X for a couple of years now.

Decided to get some DVDs and Blu-ray DVDs from the library and watch them, grabbed my USB external Blu-ray DVD reader, plugged it in and nothing I do gets the Ultra to list it anywhere.

Am I being forced to go out and purchase a different reader?  I only have the 2 of the same model readers I connect to my USB ports of my various computers.

Tried a search in the Roku groups yet see nothing with info on connecting peripherals via the USB port?!?

I have used the USB port for USB flash drives and microSD USB adapters without problems, but that is all.

So where is the info on connecting and utilizing external USB peripherals with Roku boxes, like USB External:

DVD Readers?

BLU-RAY Readers?

Other external peripherals?

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Re: External USB peripherals with Roku Ultra boxes (DVD, BLU-RAY, etc.)???


You can add flash drives. Some hard drives (uncertain the upper limit, possibly 2 TB). That's it. No other peripherals. That's not what it's for.

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