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Devin Vikturek's Camera Question

I have a wifi camera that can be ran by the application Geeni. I was wondering how I can view the cameras feed on my Roku Express 3900x device without using screen mirroring from a device that has the Geeni application streaming the feed already. Tried ip viewer but couldn't get it working. Also tried app called CAMERA, which I couldn't figure out how to setup let alone get working both found in ROKU search. While trying to setup the CAMERA app it says it needed the Cameras TCP Port number(which I couldn't find nor figure out how to find even going on Google search and typing in every possible combination I could assume of the words to find it via there or information how to find it there technically) any ideas are welcome I was looking forward to possibly there being an application on the Roku store Roku search capability to maybe help set up the camera via being able to input information and run it directly on my Roku Express via an application that would be downloadable. Not wanting to take the Wi-Fi camera and run its signal through an application on another device and then attempt to cast or screen mirror or wirelessly send that signal feed to my Roku cuz that would just distort the **bleep** out of the signal and make it lag more than it already does.... PLEASE HELP!!!!

Contact my email directly instead of replying to this or commenting on this as I won't get those messages I will get the email and would appreciate the help please and thank you.

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