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Connecting a Roku Ultra 4660 device to a TCL Roku TV

Hello. Let me pre-empt the inevitable "Why?" questions first. I needed better sound in my LR.  Was hoping for better Roku functionality in my bedroom.

Former setup:

Living Room:  Roku Ultra to Samsung 65"

Bedroom:  TCL 50" tv

I decided to upgrade my LR because I wanted better sound.  So i bought a Roku Streambar.  And it works great.

I still have the Roku Ultra so i decided to connect it to my TCL tv thinking I would have better quality.  It lets me connect it ok.  But I can't really "do anything" with it?  Is this what other people find?  Am i missing something?

Current setup:

Living Room:  Roku Streambar to Samsung 65"

Bedroom:  Roku Ultra to TCL 50" tv (although its not really doing anything)

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Roku Guru

Re: Connecting a Roku Ultra 4660 device to a TCL Roku TV

What do you mean by it won't let you do anything? On the TV, are are selecting the proper input you connected the Roku to?

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