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Connecting a Roku Streaming Stick to Analog TV

Hello. I recently purchased a new Roku Streaming Stick. It's working fine as I use it for several HD TV's in the house that have a standard HDMI output.

I've been using an older analog-out Roku HD puck-shaped unit to feed on old 6' diagonal big screen projection TV in the basement. Recently I've been getting notices that the Amazon Instant Video app is not supported with the puck. Each time I try to update the puck it says it has the most current version update. I even tried doing a factory reset on the puck and I still can't use Amazon Prime - I get the same error message.

So I bought an Insignia HDMI to composite video adapter so I could use the new Roku Stick with the old projection TV. I do not get a video output from the converter to the TV. Yes - I know these converters are only one direction and I have the right converter. The analog video cables are fine - they work with the old Roku HD puck. Usually when I use the stick in the standard HD TV's with an HDMI input, the LED on the stick stays lit. When I hook the Roku Stick up to the HDMI to analog converter the LED on the stick blinks for a while and then turns off. I'm wondering if it's looking/hunting for some type of signal and when it does not see it the stick shuts off.

Has anyone hooked up one of the new Roku sticks to an analog TV successfully and if so, what make and model HDMI to analog video converter did you use?

Thanks for any input - John


Re: Connecting a Roku Streaming Stick to Analog TV

I’m having the same problem trying to connect an analog Sony TV with any combo of devices & adapters possible. I’ve tried the Insignia RCA—>HDMI converter with a programmed streaming stick that works fine on other HDMI TVs in the household, but the Sony analog TV doesn’t recognize or find the signal. I finally pulled out an OLD Roku 2 that was made to work with RCA connections & it works, but it is very limiting. Very few apps work with the old technology of the Roku 2 and the apps that DO work load & look VASTLY different & have less options & navigation potential. What can I do? Is there any modern Roku product currently available that will work on an analog TV…either directly or with a converter? If a converter CAN work, what am I doing wrong? OR… Can someone provide instructions on how to properly install & use a RCA—>HDMI composite converter to a Roku device successfully?
Please please please???
Thank you!!
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Re: Connecting a Roku Streaming Stick to Analog TV

The problem could be your converter.  You don't want RCA->HDMI you want HDMI->RCA.  They make both kinds.  I have an old cheap converter that I got several years ago and I just tried it with my 2020 Ultra (4800) and it works.  I have no doubt it would work with the stick as well.

I'm not recommending this, but this is the sort of thing you're looking for.  Mine looks very much like it:

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