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Reel Rookie

Connect surround sound with rca (w,y,r) to tv with Roku express

I live in a rv and I am trying to get the sound from the Roku express to play in the rv speakers. Previously I was able to through the xfinity cable box with the rca cables but I’ve canceled xfinity and so I only have the Roku connected to the tv through hdmi. The surround sound is only rca (w, y, r). How can I connect it so the souks goes through the camper. I’m sooo confused on this one lol 

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Roku Guru

Re: Connect surround sound with rca (w,y,r) to tv with Roku express

I hate to tell you this but I do not believe there exists such thing.  You could probably buy an HDMI-to-A/V converter with HDMI output pass-through but that’ll probably only give you regular stereo audio, knowing that stereo is a two-channel audio format.  Most vintage audio electronics before the 1980s, in fact, could only provide either regular stereo or plain mono connections.  Funny, my old 1994 Magnavox/Philips analog TV set has regular stereo audio speakers/inputs, along with an audio volume leveler feature, and my old 1991 Sharp VCR is HiFi stereo with a bar-graph audio level VU meter on the VFD display.

~ Jordan

I’m into videotapes and old electronics stuff, including extenders, converters and analog 4:3 TV sets (which are obsolete these days), and Miss Bianca is my favorite character in Disney’s The Rescuers (1977) and its sequel, The Rescuers Down Under (1990). I am not a Roku employee, only a user like you. ~ Jordan

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