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Cannot Pair Roku Remote with LG OLED TV

Hey folks - hope everyone is well and safe.  Long time Roku user here.  We have an LG OLED65C8 Smart TV and am trying to connect a Roku Ultra to it.  The roku remote will not pair with the Ultra when it is connected to the TV, but works fine on other, older TV's in my house when I try for troubleshooting.  I'm connecting the Roku to the LG because the WebOS apps are the worst (no HBO Max, No YES, etc).  I've read things on the posts about HDR refresh rates and CEC settings interfering with the HDMI connection between the LG TV and the Roku that have been known to interfere with the pairing process of the remote to the Roku.  Oh, and just for additional clarity, the roku app on my phone works just fine for controlling the ultra, which is how I am able to continue setup on the LG.  I was also able to program the roku remote to control my sonos beam; I just can't get the roku remote to pair with the roku ultra when the roku ultra is connected to the LG TV. Help!  Thanks folks! Joe.

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Re: Cannot Pair Roku Remote with LG OLED TV

Hold up. Are you saying the remote will not connect to the *ROKU* when it's connected to the LG? Do you mean the remote won't control the TV? Because the TV shouldn't impact connecting the remote to the Roku.

You see, the remotes pair separately to the Roku and to the TV. The remote should connect to the Ultra, then using the menu, you can configure the remote to control the TV. But you're saying the remote won't pair with the Ultra when it's hooked up to the LG? But it will pair to the Ultra when it's hooked up to the Other TV?

If that's correct -- and that's strange as all get-out -- then why don't you hook the Ultra to the Other TV, and pair the remote to the Ultra. Don't configure it for the TV, just pair to the Ultra.

Then, move the Ultra to the LG. The remote and Ultra are still paired, you just now need to use the menu to configure the remote to control the TV.

Settings > Remotes > Voice Remote > Set up remote for TV control

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Re: Cannot Pair Roku Remote with LG OLED TV

Hello DB - thanks for the reply. And yes, your account of what I wrote is correct.  I also what you suggested, about setting it up on the other TV and moving it back to the LG.  Once hooked up to the LG, the roku ultra and roku remote stop communicating.  There seem to be some known issues with HDR, HDMI, cables, etc.  Roku even acknowledges that some HDMI signals may interfere with communications between the remote and ultra.  Ugh.

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Re: Cannot Pair Roku Remote with LG OLED TV

Can anyone pls enlighten me whether the "Roku stick+ headphone edition" will work with the older LG webOS 3D TV? [both plug in compatibility & TV control issues]

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Re: Cannot Pair Roku Remote with LG OLED TV


Thanks for the inquiry.

Roku devices will work with any TV that has a HDMI connection.

For more information about compatibility with Roku devices, visit our Support page here: TV requirements


Danny R.
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