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Reel Rookie

Can't use my Roku Streaming Stick 4k in Brazil

I bought a roku streaming stick 4k, it arrived today, but I haven't been able to use it yet. I'm using the 5GHz wifi connection.

Some device infos:

MODEL: 3820X - Streaming Stick 4K



I configured everything as instructed in the manual. I set up the wifi, added my roku account, added the streaming services I use, everything seemed to be fine, but when I play an episode of a show, or a 4k video on YouTube, it just doesn't play.

Asks me to configure the wifi, says it is disconnected. When checking the connection, the signal is excellent, so I'll try again, but nothing done. The same error occurs, sometimes it restarts by itself.

I've rebooted, already tried factory reset, powered off then on again, I've tried 2.4 GHz connection and have the same issue.

I'm very frustrated because I live in Brazil, this model is not for sale here, I imported it from the US.

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Please, help! Can't use my Roku Streaming Stick 4k


Using a USA device outside the area where it is officially supported could run into problems with WiFi. For example, Brazil WiFi standards use some channels that the USA (and your USA Roku device) do not support.

What 5 GHz WiFi channel are you using? Generally, Roku 5 GHz devices would use channels 36-48 or 149-165. Other 5 GHz channels are generally not used by consumers in the USA, and Roku doesn't support them. If your WiFi is using a channel outside the ranges listed, that could be the issue.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Please, help! Can't use my Roku Streaming Stick 4k

@DBDukes Thanks for the answer! I'm using channel 161. 

I did not imagine that there would be problems with the use, importing the device, as some youtube channels in my country reviewed the product and did not mention experiencing the problem. I will contact my internet provider and request the channel change to see if I get any results.

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