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Can't even get to start screen

Hi, I have the Roku device (and extension) plugged into the 4K/1080 slot on my Vizio TV, the power is plugged in (USB cable), remote is paired, but no matter what I do I can't even get the start screen/menu to appear.  I've tried a couple of different option for input, but it doesn't appear on either.  Any help/suggestions??

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Re: Can't even get to start screen

Let's get a little more info/clarification.

What Roku device are you using? Model number is always helpful.

Does your TV have multiple HDMI inputs? Are you certain you have the TV input set to the HDMI input the Roku is using?

Are you using the included power supply to power the Roku? This generally is meaningful if you're using a Stick.

You say you can't get to the Home screen on your Roku. What does show? If you were to unplug the power from your Roku, what happens when you plug it back? Assume nothing. Describe what happens.

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