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Can’t download channels. Not enough storage.

“Channel install failed
Could not add 'Netflix, There is not enough space
to add the selected channels). Please remove
or more of your installed channels and try
again. To
remove a channel press Home, focus the channel
press "
and the
n select Remove channel'”

I keep getting this message. I have factory reset the tv. And nothing changes. Worked just fine until two days ago and tech support told me to buy a new tv when I called the number. Not happy at all

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Re: Can’t download channels. Not enough storage.


Unfortunately, you may have a flash/memory failure going on in the RokuTV.

Since the factory reset gives you the option of reinstalling all the channels associated with your account, you may have to individually remove all your installed channels (one by one) and then perform the Factory Reset again.

It is likely that the above will not work though if either of the memory components are having a failure. (Basically like trying to use a computer with a damaged hard drive).  May work a little, but will never work fully.


You can try the Channel Removal again but this time add a Restart in the procedure to clear out any corrupted data.

1. Remove suspect Channel

2. Restart the Roku TV (Settings/System/Power/System Restart)

3. Reinstall Channel


The alternative to buying a new RokuTV of course, is to buy a new Roku Streaming device and attach it to the HDMI input of your RokuTV.  With this method, you will be abandoning the integrated RokuOS of the TV and now using the Roku streaming device.  You will now be able to install all your channels on the new Roku device.  This is the method of upgrading older RokuTVs and getting around the issue you are experiencing if there is internal failure.  You will still be able to use the Antenna/OTA feature of your Roku TV by selecting Antenna Input, and when you need Streaming, just select the HDMI input of the new Roku device.  Certainly cheaper than a new TV.

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