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Can I plug in the roku stick into the receiver? And not into the back of the tv?

I’m trying to set up my new roku streaming stick + in my Rv.  My hdmi receiver is separate.   Can I just plug in that stick to the back of my hdmi receiver, and not the back of my tv?   My tv is mounted flush in the rv.  
also, I understand that if I cancel my DISH and use my roku stick, I can use that hdmi outlet on the receiver for the roku and not DISH network.  Right?  
Do I need a tech out here?

tech challenged widow in Texas.  
thank you

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Re: Can I plug in the roku stick into the receiver? And not into the back of the tv?


Although I've never tried to connect a Roku to a receiver, many have with great success. However, some brands are known to have quirks that make it less than simple. I won't be able to help if that's the case, but I can offer some suggestions that might make it easier to set up, regardless of whether it works immediately.

First, set the Roku device up at your main network. Hook it up at home. Get it working first. That way, if anything goes wrong, you know it's not that the Roku has a problem. Get it working and watch some content -- there's plenty of free content available -- so you know how well it works and when things are going well.

After you do that, you should be able to simply take it to the other location (RV and receiver) and plug it in. If you see the Roku menu after it boots up, simply connect to the network in the RV and you should be good to go. Unless, of course, your receiver is a brand that has known quirks. Then others can help resolve those with you.

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Re: Can I plug in the roku stick into the receiver? And not into the back of the tv?

I'm not sure if you mean an audio/video receiver (AVR) or you just mean a TV that has a separate box for its inputs.  Either should work.  HDMI ports are pretty generic, so, yes, you can take something you no longer use and plug the Roku in.  I assume you have some Internet source for the RV.