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Bypassing parts of setup that aren't needed (no skip option)

During my setup of my Roku Stick through my Xbox, which is connected to a Gaems Vanguard monitor that does not have IR or CEC options, I would like to be able to skip the portion of setup after chosing to run display on 1080p, where I HAVE to set the roku device up to control the TV power and volume controls. I cant set that up no matter what, because my device is not listed and doesn't have those options for hardware. Is there a way to bypass this entire portion of the setup of my Roku Stick+ and just get to the home screen for my Roku? Nothing I do seems to be working and nothing I have read seems to resolve this issue. 

For clarity I don't have the finances to buy a new tv, and I've had this Stick for almost a year just haven't used it since September 2022 after moving from Nevada to Washington.  I  don't know what to do here. It worked before when I had a Vizio TV but I no longer have access to that device.

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Re: Bypassing parts of setup that aren't needed (no skip option)

Can't you just lie to it if necessary?  I have a TV that is supported but I didn't want my Roku remote to control it, so I just lied to it to make it select some other IR code.  (So those buttons still produce some IR signal - but nothing responds to it.)

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