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60 cycle hum with Roku Express

Roku forum,
I have a Roku 3930X that I'm hooking up on a Sony KDL32M3000 TV. I plug it
into the HTML port 1 and have used a usb port and wall plug adapter for
power. As soon as I change the TV input to HTML 1 I get a distinctive 60
cycle hum. I have tried using HTML 2 but got the same hum.

I have used this device on 2 other tvs(not Sony) and don't get the hum.

Any suggestions?


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Level 18

Re: 60 cycle hum with Roku Express

To be honest I had kind of assumed 60 Hz hums were a thing of the past using HDMI connections, but maybe I've just been lucky.  As I recall, a common first suggested step was to make sure all devices were connected to the same outlet, and preferably even a single power strip.

If the TV happens to be connected to a coax cable (cable TV/antenna) try removing that and see if anything changes.  (These connections may give the TV a different ground.)

I would also suggest browsing 60Hz threads in general AV forums since I don’t recall seeing one on this forum before.

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