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2nd Roku Ultra turning off my Samsung TV, but 1st one didn't

I bought a Roku Ultra/4k Stick package, and it was working fine but returned it to the store to get a discounted one, but Costco didn't want to give me the original, so I got stuck getting a new Package.  This second one started to do all kinds of crazy things, like turning off the tv, jumping into roku while watching tv, and displaying the ICONs all messed up. Being a tech I figured it is a hardware problem after doing some tests. I think the RAM is faulty in Roku devices. I traded it in for a new one. The 3rd one, is not having the ICON problems with the screen all scrambled up,  but it is turning off my TV, and jumping from TV to Roku. One Touch is disabled. As I see the many reports of roku turning off tv's and such, and the reports of people saying Roku is okay, it appears there is a hardware problem that is either caused by poor handling with static sensitive components, or poorly created components that are being used on ROKU when they should not have been used. If the RAM/Memory is faulty Roku will always have  this intermittent problem, which most likely is the cause of a Value(set in Memory) being dropped because of the integrity of the RAM being compromised somewhere along the line of manufacturing to assembly. I know about these things, as I am a former Employee for Apple in production and a former employee in the production of military defense weapons for the gov. 

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