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remote won’t work and app can’t find my tv

Remote wouldn’t work so I tried the app.  It doesn’t find my tv.  Internet is fine, no previous issues.  I saw someone else ask whether Roku is down?

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Re: remote won’t work and app can’t find my tv

If your TV isn't connected to your network the app won't work.  Unfortunately I can't think of a way to determine whether or not your TV is connected to your network if it's not showing up in the app without a working remote control.  If your TV's remote isn't a voice remote then you can determine whether or not it's transmitting by pointing it at a digital camera like the one in your phone and pressing a button on the remote.  You should see a flash of light on the camera screen.

If your TV was previously connected to your network try unplugging the power for several seconds and reconnecting it to cause it to restart (simply turning it off and on isn't good enough).  You should do the same with all your network equipment - gateway/modem/router.

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Re: remote won’t work and app can’t find my tv

SAME! HEAR ME OUT. I just fixed it after pulling my hair out for 2 months. I'm not sure if this will work for you but I figured out what my problem was. Make sure you have a modem router that doesn't automatically combine the 5 and 2.4 GHz networks into one.

It's well known that Roku TVs don't play very well with 5ghz wireless networks. Only 2.4ghz. I updated to fiber optics internet 2 months ago and the new gateway devices work a little differently. Used to it I would connect my Roku to the internet and it would show me both 2.4 and 5 options and I can select which one I wanted to connect to. They were 2 separate networks. Well these new fiber devices, they told me they're not even technically modems or routers but just gateways (AND MAYBE QUITE POSSIBLY YOUR NEWER MODELS OF MODEMS AND ROUTERS, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE FIBER OPTIC DEVICES I'M THINKING) don't work like that.

Mine wasn't showing up as two different networks, only one. They're combined. You have to go in there and actually turn off the five gigahertz and enable 2.4 by default. When I did that bingo everything worked like a charm. Make sure you can access your network map and look for connected devices and make sure they are connected using 2.4. Make sure both ends say that not just your Roku TV. I'm thinking maybe some of these newer devices might all do this now. Maybe yours does too.

I completely disabled my 5 gigahertz because it just doesn't have any use in my home network. I understand it has its uses but it doesn't do anything for me in my home network. They combine the two so basically it's just one network. This is kind of new to me. They operate on what they call low and high-end 5 GHz and it will put a device that you set to work on 2.4 on the low end or the high end 5 if you have more than one device. It kept doing that to my Roku TV. On my end I thought it was connected to 2.4 because that's what it was showing on the roku's end. Not in the residential gateway though, it was putting it on the five high or five low depending on how many devices were connected to the network.

It would also make one Roku TV conflict with the other Roku TV when I'm assuming they would switch these frequencies and possibly take up the same IP address. One was always in sleep mode. Said I was having to wake it up and I never could. I have two Roku tvs. A Sharp and an Onn. They both work wonderfully now. No more unplugging and resetting etc.

I'm sure in some universe this has its purpose. I understand how 5 gigahertz networks are supposed to work so I'm assuming it has its place in bigger networks but I just have three devices. Hope this helps!! I know this probably wasn't explained the best but I tried.

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