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iOS App - Pasting Password into Keyboard Mistypes on Screen

I use complex and longer passwords for many of my streaming services. For Netflix, for example, I pasted a long password into the iOS Roku App's keyboard and the Roku device started "typing" the password onto my TV screen really fast. For some reason, what was typed on the screen did not exactly match what I had pasted though and resulted in an invalid password error. For example, a lower case L appeared on the TV screen as a "t". Anyone else encounter issues pasting passwords and them not typing 100% right? Have a Roku 3820CA and iOS Roku App 8.8.2.

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Re: iOS App - Pasting Password into Keyboard Mistypes on Screen

UPDATE: This now only appears to have been an issue with the Netflix application. For all other applications, I was able to copy and paste my password without issue.

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