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Reel Rookie

TCL 55R625 default Roku app picture settings

Subject: EPS Defaults in Roku app

I'm begging kind posters to please provide answers to the following:
I've decided to post a separate detailed question about this specifically.
I've tried [in vain!] to get an answer from TCL and/or Roku regarding what the default NR setting is on the EPS app.

Here's why:
I have wifi completely off on my router and my tv is connected via ethernet cable. I really don't want to go through the hassle of the rigmarole of downloading the app, turning wifi on, etc.---only to find that the default Noise Reduction setting is already OFF. And then to have to go through the hassle of putting everything back to the way it was.
Soon after I bought the tv in May 2020, I contacted them and got a response from Roku stating quote "Regarding EPS feature, Noise Reduction and the Gamma is set to OFF on most of the Roku TV's by default for Movie picture mode when you are watching Roku channels." I should've pursued it further at the time---maybe that rep would've been willing to find the definitive answer for my tv and for all inputs. Anyway, this time I got nowhere with both TCL and Roku after several phone calls and emails.

So I'm begging kind posters out there to please tell me if the default setting I'll find on the EPS app for NR is something other than OFF for all inputs? Please note that I already have the non-app tv settings on MOVIE for picture mode and WARM for Color Temperature---for all inputs, including streaming channels. Do those 2 non-app settings affect those parameters on the app or does the app have to be set for those 2 as well, independently? If so, then I'm begging you to please tell me if the EPS defaults for those 2 were something other than MOVIE and WARM.
I'm not asking for the defaults of the other more intricate parameters available on the app---I'm not up to adjusting them at this time anyway.
Again, I just do not want to go through the rigmarole if I don't need to.

Helpful replies sincerely, immeasurably, gratefully appreciated! Thank you!

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