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Roku devices work on one phone but not another

The Roku app on my phone fails to connect to any online Roku devices in my home network. They are listed and I used to be able to connect to them, but I can only connect Manually which requires me to use my sons phone that works perfectly fine.

* I have several Roku, and many/most/all of them have the same problem.

* They were still listed in the app, but I couldn’t connect unless I did it Manually.

* My son and I both have iPhones

* Every Roku device and both phones are on the same network

* He is not logged in - but it doesn’t matter whether I am logged in or not - same issues

* I don’t have a physical remote

* Our shared network is an Eero which does support 2.4Gz (of course, everything works fine for me some but not for me)

* I’ve tried logging out and back in

* I have even tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it

No matter what, same problem - I can’t connect (unless I do so Manually by inputting the IP address)

* Manually connect does still work, but when I leave the app, the connection drops and won’t reconnect without going back through the manual connection process again

*same home network - as likely evidenced by the ability to connect when explicitly inputting the IP

Quite stumped by this. If I didn’t have a completely working decide with my sons phone, this would be a real problem. Still, I don’t like asking him to borrow his phone so I can change the channel.

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Re: Roku devices work on one phone but not another

@roSweetpea1 This is EXACTLY what is happening with my iPhone 13 Pro but not with my husband’s and daughter’s. I have done everything you have and also have Eero. It is driving me crazy. 

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Re: Roku devices work on one phone but not another

My Roku Ultra wouldn't connect to my new wireless network with eero Pro 6 router. I worked on this issue for 4-5 hours to finally pin point it to the eero router being the issue. I think it has something to do with how heavily they integrate with Amazon products and try to exclude Roku.

Try going on the eero device app and setting up a guest network. Connect your Roku device to the guest network and the phone you're using to control it, should work then... or trash that eero router- they are filled with issues and is the reason I discourage my clients from using them.

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Re: Roku devices work on one phone but not another

It's the eero router not playing nice. Try placing the Roku devices and the phone on the guest network.

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