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Reel Rookie

Roku app pausing Bluetooth music every 5 minutes

Hi, ever since the Oct 17th update, anytime I am connected to a Bluetooth speaker, my music pauses every 5 minutes. At first I had no idea that the Roku app was the culprit. Then I stumbled into this thread:

Ever since uninstalling the Roku app, my music pausing issue has been resolved. When I reinstalled the app, the issues came back.

This is somehow related to the Dexcom Bluetooth device with the Roku app.


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Re: Roku app pausing Bluetooth music every 5 minutes


Thanks for the post.

Can you please clarify the issue you are experiencing? Are you experiencing this issue with the Roku channel on a Roku device or are you using the Roku mobile app?

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku app pausing Bluetooth music every 5 minutes

This is while on my Android phone with the Roku app, but its not actually while using the app at all. It's just if the app exists on my phone. Even if the roku app is not running, it pauses my music every 5 minutes, only when connected to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. After force closing the app, and denying all permissions, the issue still persisted. The issue with the music pausing every 5 mins was only resolved by me uninstalling the Roku app completely.

I think this problem only exists for users also with a Dexcom device paired with their phone. Dexcom is a CGM (Bluetooth) that gets my blood glucose level every 5 minutes. This appears to be happening to all users with both Dexcom and Roku apps.

It is very confusing to me how it's even possible for the Roku app to interfere with the Bluetooth connections the way it is. And especially just since this last Roku app update.

Thanks, Jake

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Re: Roku app pausing Bluetooth music every 5 minutes

My phone is also experiencing this exact same issue, except that it pauses every 2 to 5 seconds, and it happens on any Bluetooth device. 


Re: Roku app pausing Bluetooth music every 5 minutes

I bought a new Roku set top box and installed the "Roku - Official Remote Control" app from the Google Play Store.  I am seeing this same problem as posted here where any audio on my phone playing to any Bluetooth device (headphone, speaker, car audio) pauses after awhile (usually within a few seconds).

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

For bluetooth speakers/headphones I connect the speakers to the phone and then start the music. After a few seconds the playback stops (it seems to be about the same time that the bluetooth volume level UI appears and then slides off the screen).  If I start the music again it seems to keep playing.

For my car it is much worse. When I start the car my phone connects via Bluetooth and the music begins to auto-play.  After a few seconds the audio stops. I can click play on the phone or on the car's touch screen and the music starts again but after several seconds, or sometimes immediately, the music is paused again. The music will never play for more that 10 seconds at a time.

I tried a number of things to fix it (reboots, unpair/re-pair, disable VPN, other apps, battery saver settings) with no impact.

The instant I uninstalled the ROKU ANDROID APP all the audio problems went away.


Re: Roku app pausing Bluetooth music every 5 minutes

FYI - I want to echo that I was experiencing a very similar problem.


For me, it started on the morning of October 30, 2021.  My phone is older, running Android 8.1. It's a Moto g5 plus. I experienced pausing after intermittent periods of time. Sometimes it was a minute and sometimes I could get through a whole song. The pausing occurred on many different types of Bluetooth-connected speakers (an Amazon Echo, Oontz, Victsing, and a Sylvania Bluetooth FM transmitter for the car).  It was the worse on the Echo. I could never get through more than 3 minutes. The other devices were all over the place. The least bad was the car transmitter. I think I actually got it to stop pausing when I was away from the house. In the garage, though it would start pausing again. The problem never occurs when I'm just using the phone speakers.


I finally noticed that when it is cutting out a pop-up flash that said "Bluetooth context updating". Tonight I'd finally had enough and did a factory reset on my whole phone. That fixed it until I re-logged in to my Roku account. Then after some more searching, I saw on  Reddit -

that deleting the Roku app fixes the problem. For me, it seems to have fixed it. As of right now, I've been streaming (on the Echo) for over an hour without the issue reoccurring. In the days ahead I'll test how the other speakers are doing. If this DID NOT fix it I'll post again.


Re: Roku app pausing Bluetooth music every 5 minutes

I had the same problem and uninstalling the Roku app fixed everything. This is a serious bug that Roku needs to fix ASAP. I'm on a Samsung S21 Ultra with Android 12 

Reel Rookie

Re: Roku app pausing Bluetooth music every 5 minutes

Yep, me too. Pixel 4 with no special Bluetooth devices, just a regular smart watch, headphones and a Flic. This needs acknowledging and fixing asap as I don't want to abandon the app, nor do I want to continue having to randomly resume YouTube, music or similar that I'm in the middle of and have had paused by the Roku app in the background - usually when I'm in the middle of cooking and don't have a clean hand free 😆


Didn't happen before I upgraded to Android 12


Re: Roku app pausing Bluetooth music every 5 minutes

Same problem here. It was pausing every 1 min or less and driving me crazy. Looked everywhere for a solution and I couldn't figure out so I hard reset my phone. After a hard reset it worked fine with no problems and I thought I solved the issue. Last night I was watching tv, so a installed the roku app again. Today the pausing began again.  Ahhhhhhh!!!!!  After searching the web and trying all sorts of fixes that were not helping. I found this thread:

Deleted Roku app off my phone and all problems solved. But I like the roku app. Please fix this problem. 

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Re: Roku app pausing Bluetooth music every 5 minutes

Just noticing a pattern here...

I use a Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor (CGM) with my Google Pixel 2 XL running Android 11, and I have this issue. While listening to the Spotify app on my phone using bluetooth headphones or my car stereo, the audio will pause anytime the CGM transmits (every 5 minutes on the dot, which is expected and normal behavior for this kind of CGM).

I noticed @JustCallMeDan mentioned having a Flic button connected to their phone and having the same issue.

Now here's the pattern... Both the Flic button and the Dexcom G6 CGM use Bluetooth LE (BTLE).

I don't have a Flic, so I don't know when it actually communicates with the phone, but I would guess it's probably only around the time it's pressed.

I suspect that the issue only occurs (i.e. the music pauses) when all of these conditions are met:

1. The Roku app is installed

2. Any bluetooth audio device is connected (e.g. headphones, car stereo, etc.)

3. Audio is being played by any app on the phone (e.g. Spotify, YouTube music, etc.)

4. Any BTLE communication happens with the phone (e.g. G6 CGM transmits a reading, Flic button transmits an event, etc.)

For whatever reason, the Roku app catches or listens to that BTLE communication and sends the command to pause the audio on the phone, wherever it may be coming from. Unfortunately I do not have any other BTLE devices to test with, but if other users with this problem could share what devices they use when this problem occurs, maybe there are some other BTLE devices to contribute to the pattern?

@RokuDanny-R feel free to pass this along to the devs to assist in troubleshooting.