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Roku Remote App Refuses to Connect Unless I Turn Wifi Off & On

I have a TCL Roku TV and have lost the physical remote. I have not had it for a few months now (maybe a year) and have been solely using the app since then. It was working fine with no issues, up until these past two weeks. The app refuses to recognize or even connect to any television on my network UNLESS I turn the Wi-Fi on and off. Then, it will recognize my television for maybe 10 minutes, I'll connect, and then it will disconnect afterwards and no longer find my device, even if just trying to 'wake' it up. On the app, my device has a question mark symbol over it also. Pictured here. While my app disconnects, the Roku TV will continue playing whatever show or app, so I know my wifi works, it just will not connect.

Does anyone know why is this happening or what to do to fix it? Has anyone had a similar issue? My phone connects to other Rokus in other locations just fine and it would connect to my television just fine as well. This is just happening randomly and I can't tell why.

And yes, my app and TV are both connected to the same network. Yes, I have checked my app settings to make sure my connection can be shared through IOS. My wifi has a wireless connection if that's helpful.

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Re: Roku Remote App Refuses to Connect Unless I Turn Wifi Off & On

The only thing I can think of that kicks in at about that time interval on  Roku TV is this:

Settings > System > Power > Auto power savings > Reduce power after 15 minutes.  This isn't supposed to kick in when there is a signal present, but it's worth a try to see if turning this off makes a difference.

While there in Power settings, not having Fast start enabled might possibly be involved.  Some have reported that their Roku TV doesn't maintain its wifi connection from session to session when this is off.

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Re: Roku Remote App Refuses to Connect Unless I Turn Wifi Off & On

Yes this is what's happening with me right now . We might have the same tv. However the past 6 months I haven't really used it and I lost the remote a while ago. So I couldn't turn it on. I downloaded the app. the app told me that it couldn't find a device. So now I'm reading and trying to understand how I can turn my Wi-Fi back on. Lol 😆 what did you have to do? And thank you so much for posting this is it is very beneficial to me I appreciate it!!!!

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