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Roku Channel App in Landscape on Ipad

On IPad, the Roku app does not rotate from Portrait to Landscape.  Is there a way to change to Landscape.  It isn’t because of Orientation lock on IPad.  How can I watch Roku Channel in Landscape on my IPad?

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Re: Roku Channel App in Landscape on Ipad

You can't.

There is not an iPad app for Roku. Roku built an iPhone-only app. It will run on iPad, but won't take advantage of the iPad environment.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Channel App in Landscape on Ipad

Your question is a decent One I have been wondering about this awhile myself. And the reply u received is a good one also,  It doesn’t Rotate Portrait to Landscape upon opening it. However I found out while selecting a Movie or Show while it appears in Portrait mode it will change to Landscape after selecting! It is a pain trying to see what to watch while it’s in Portrait mode but once selecting it will change to Landscape if your ipad is in the Landscape position when the show starts as least it does on my ipad anyway. Hope this made some sense. 

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