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Reel Rookie

Remote App no longer finds my Roku TV

Because the remote that came with the Roku Onn TV, barely works anymore,  even with brand new batteries (TV is less than a year old) I was forced to download the app as suggested by my son.  It worked great, for about a week. Then it started this 'can't connect' **bleep**.  It would just show how it's loading.  So I un/re-installed the remote app. And now it can't find my freaking TV. Sure, it can locate 2 other TVs in the house, but I don't need the app for those tvs. So the remote app is useless unless someone can tell me how to fix this issue.  It gives me the chance to add the device manually,  providing I have the IP address to the TV. Ugh, where do I find that info?? I looked on the tv, but I'm not seeing any numbers. Plus this TV is like 72"and hangs on the wall, so I'm limited on moving thy TV around to look for numbers that MIGHT be on it.  Not sure where the manuals to the TV are. I wouldn't need this remote app except the original remote doesn't work unless you are standing within a few feet from the TV. Would buying a new remote fix this problem? And why do these remote go thru so many batteries? The world has been using remotes for many years now, the roku remote is the only remote I have found that goes thru this many batteries.  Every 2 weeks we were changing them.  Does that seem right to anyone? So please,  if anyone could shed some light on this matter,  I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Namaste 🙏 

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Remote App no longer finds my Roku TV

The IP address is dynamic and you won't find it written anywhere on the TV.  You have to go into the settings, so I hope that onn remote works somewhat.  You can find it under Settings->System->About or Settings->Network->About.  However, if the app isn't finding it I wouldn't count on entering the IP address manually working.  First, using the onn remote, verify that the TV is still connected to the network.  You can probably find a cheap universal remote that will work with that TV.  @Tivoburkee is the expert when it comes to remote compatibility.

As for the battery issue, you'll find literally dozens, if not hundreds, of complaints here.  There's no common solution or known cause.  I've never seen the problem and it's definitely not universal.  A new remote may fix the problem, but I couldn't say for sure.

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Channel Surfer

Re: Remote App no longer finds my Roku TV

I just looked up & realized that I had spent over an hour trying EVERYTHING to connect my iPhone app (official Roku app) to my Roku tv, which are both on the same household wifi.  My solution: delete the app off my phone; its worthless, non-functional, not worth my time.  Roku, KMA. Shove your advanced degrees where the sun don't shine.  What a waste of time.

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