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Private Listening Audio Glitches (not lag, but drops)

I have a 4 Series TCL Roku TV (latest firmware as of this posting) and am using iOS app paired with Beats Pro headphones.

When listening to music, watching youtube, etc, I have no audio dropouts, literally ever with my headphones. 

When using Private Listening with Roku app the audio drops constantly and even does this weird thing where it will pause the video for a few fractions of a second.  A lot of people report a lag, this is definitely not that.  When it works it's synced up, but it can't go longer than 1-2 minutes without audio dropouts.

My headphones are within 3 feet of my iOS device and my phone is within 15 feet of my router with a very strong connection and no other network activity besides the program I'm streaming to my TV.

It's such a shame that the TV can't directly pair with bluetooth headphones and that they force extra layers of complexity and network congestion into it.

Am I doing something wrong, is there room for improvement? 

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