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Pertaining to last update

Ok so first I bought into Britt box for the 99 cent deal on Roku. Can't find it and it doesn't let me log in. Second, I had to delete over half my apps to get my cable app to actually work. Still have some apps that don't work now. I can say I had at least 25 if not 30 apps on my tv before this update of which everyone of them would open and run. Now I'm down to 14 and 5  of those won't open. It tells me my tv doesn't have enough space and delete more apps to run the app I'm trying to run and try again. Roku you need to do better than this! I use an older model but it was working perfect before you rolled out that last update!!

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Re: Pertaining to last update

??? You mean that in this day and age you *honestly* never expected to encounter this issue, now, after DECADES of consumers having to repeatedly upgrade digital hardware due to needing faster processors and/or more dynamic and/or static ram to accommodate more complex operating systems, programming, etc.???

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Re: Pertaining to last update

@SteveHC1  Umm everyone is having an issue after that update. Nobody didn’t say they don’t expect to have any technical issues but everyone expects the company to at least give a clear understanding of what they tend to do as a solution to the problem.  However, so far the company is not doing a good job at customer service with some of their customers. Even though some people do not have issues with their devices, some people still do have issues even after they troubleshoot the issues. So, that’s the reasons why some people are issuing their complaints. People already have stated that before the update, everything was fine, but people started having issues afterwards. All that tech support should have done is to tell users that they will work on another fix for the update issue and to wait until they fix the issues instead of just letting everyone troubleshoot because troubleshooting with this issue doesn’t seem to be working for some devices.

I’m sure that tech support is trying their best to solve the issue, but the company’s response to the issue wasn’t very useful to some customers or very professional. As a Roku customer, I enjoy my Roku product. I know that there will be technical hiccups with my product, but I always expect good quality customer service support because everyone brought their devices for quality entertainment and the Roku company advertised their products as good quality products. So the company just have to fix what ever problem their customers have because their company promotes that. Since it’s a software system update issue, it shouldn’t be a issue for support to fix it. 

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