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No Devices Found

When using the Roku mobile app, 90% of the time I’ll be on a channel on my tv (Netflix, Hulu) and decide that I want to use the app on my phone to use the keyboard, and the app initially tells me that there are “No devices found.” I double check that my WiFi is turned on on my phone - even turning it off, then on again, to see if that helps. It does not. I also try closing the app on my phone altogether, and try reopening - that doesn’t work. I then have to go back to the Roku Home Screen on my tv then>settings>Network>Check connection. This always fixes the issue, and while the “checking connection” is loading, the “no devices found” text on my phone disappears, and suddenly my device is listed. Like I said this always fixes it, but is there a way to not have to go through this process every time?

Thanks, Ethan

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