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Mobile app remote on Android and iOS doesn’t work properly.

There’s so much. Please be patient. 
1. I've written 6 honest reviews. They're gone
within minutes of posting. This is suspect.
2. Finds TV only 20% of the time.
3. Can't locate device 80% of the time.
4. When attempting to connect manually,
40%of those times, error message says
"enter complete IP address" when it's
already complete. 50% of those tries, error
message reads "there's no device found on
network", when in fact there's at least 2
devices on the network.
5. When it does connect, it will stay
connected until you've entered more than 2
actions, in succession, on the remote, then sometimes it will knock your mobile device
off of the network. Sometimes it’ll stop and error message reads “your TV is in eco mode”. This is not true. 
6. The private listening rarely work. Over half
the attempts end in the private listening
knocking the mobile device off of the
network. Or the private listening will stop on
the mobile device and will still continue to
keep the TV in private listening mode, leaving
you with a TV picture with no sound. The
only fix is to disconnect TV and mobile
device from network.
There is so much more that plagues this app.
But it's too much to mention. I have similar experiences on Android and iOS apps. There’s nothing wrong with the TV. There’s nothing wrong with my mobile devices. I’ve used different mobile devices with the same results. I’ve used 4 different networks with the same results. My attraction is the “private listening” but it rarely works. It doesn’t seem as if Roku understand that the mobile app has serious issues. I’ve read the reviews in the App Store and the PlayStore and my issues are consistent with the other reviews and yet, it seems these issues aren’t being addressed. My question is how do I get Roku to address these issues? 

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