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Mobile app Private listening turns off after 5-10 minutes

I have a Roku stick 4k, and when I'm using private listening on my Samsung s21 Ultra the audio cuts out completely, and I have to reconnect in the app. I've turned off battery saving, and removed the Roku app from being optimized and let it run in the background.

Any ideas? Thank you for your help and advice?

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Re: Private listening turns off after 5-10 minutes

I have the exact same problem. As soon as my phone locks or even if I just put the Roku app in the background it deactivates the private listening mode. Only way I can get it to stay on is by having my phone plugged in, my phone unlocked, and the app open and actively running.

I too have made sure the app has permission to run in the background, and have turned off battery optimization. I am using a #Roku Ultra (4800 series) My phone is a Samsung Galaxy s20FE.

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