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Lost connectivity, then lost remote app (device connection) capability

Ok, so this is rather complicated, so I’ll begin where my device lost connection and a new roommate chose to reset the roku stick. Now, although presumably not before, the apps device list (my tv) will not connect to the roku device. Also, the roku stick is not automatically importing to the tv, nor is it “turning on” at all from what I can tell.

Really idk it wouldn’t find my device (tv), but since it won’t and it has been reset what should I do next?

Buy a physical roku remote, and ??try again?? … hard reset the modem too and reinstall the app before plugging it back in? .. but a whole new roku?  Smh (hope not)

side note: I find it odd, especially for a device that charges and resets, that there is not at least a single red/green light on the stick to implicate its activity readiness

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Re: Lost connectivity, then lost remote app (device connection) capability


Network connectivity

When a device is factory reset, the network connections and settings are lost.

All Roku devices require a remote to set up a connection to a network. << Read that again. It means exactly what it says.

You need a Voice Remote for a Roku stick model. They are $20-$30 and are usually in stock at Walmart, Best Buy, and other retailers.

Other issues

Whether or not it's connected to the network, you should see something on the TV when you a) have the input selection set to the HDMI port to with the Roku is connected, and b) power is applied. Ensure you are using the included power supply for this; the USB ports on TVs are not always reliable.

If you do not see anything, then the remote is the least of your worries. You should see the Roku boot screen when power is first applied, then either a menu, or more likely -- if the factory reset was properly done -- a request to pair a remote.

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