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Left my remote at home and my phone wont connect

So my family left on vacation this week, and I took my roku with me, but left the remote at home figuring I could just use my phone app as a remote (which I have done before) since I didn't want to possible lose the remote. But after getting here, My phone won't connect to my Roku without the roku being connected to a network, But I can't connect it to a network without using my phone as a remote. Now my phone isn't even showing my roku as an option to connect to and can't find the device. My phone and roku are all connected to my account. Is there anything I can do without buying a new remote while I'm down here? TIA

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Re: Left my remote at home and my phone wont connect

No, unfortunately you have no option other than getting another remote. A network connection is required for the Roku app to see and connect to your Roku. If you are connecting to a hotel network, the app won't work anyway, because they all use a security setting that blocks connected devices from seeing each other. That's a very good thing to have on a public network, but it does make the app unusable on such a network.

You didn't provide your Roku model, so I can't say what remote will work for you. If it is a Roku Stick (connects directly to a TV without a cable), you have to have an official Roku remote. Many stores that sell Roku players also offer replacement remotes for $20. But if it is NOT a Stick model (uses a cable to connect to the TV), then you can likely find a very inexpensive (under $10) IR universal remote. As long as the universal remote supports Roku players, it will control any Roku player other than a Stick.


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