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Is there an open source remote app for Android?

I don't like the terms and conditions for the Roku app. Was wondering if an open source option is something that's avaliable that works with TCL TVs and standard Roku boxes. 

I know it's counterproductive to want this and to also be using a Roku in the first place or any streaming services for that matter but I believe in minimalizing data collection and there's a stark difference between a Roku collecting data in my house and the remote app collecting data on my phone wherever I go.

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Re: Is there an open source remote app for Android?

If all you want is remote control functions, there are other apps available on the Google Play store other than the official one from Roku. 

I've used the one from Spikes Labs for several years.  It does include a keyboard function but no remote listening.

Several others are available with varying feature sets.

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Re: Is there an open source remote app for Android?

As of my last update in September 2021, there were a few open-source remote apps available for Android that could work with TCL TVs and standard Roku boxes. However, please note that the availability of apps and their features might have changed since then, so I recommend checking the latest information from reliable sources and app stores.

One popular open-source remote app for Roku devices is "Rokumote" ( It is available on GitHub and provides basic remote control functionalities for Roku devices.

When searching for open-source remote apps, you can also check repositories like GitHub and F-Droid, which often host open-source projects related to Android apps. Keep in mind that the functionality and compatibility of these apps might vary, so it's essential to read user reviews and ensure that they support the specific TCL TV and Roku box models you are using.

Using open-source apps aligns with your desire to minimize data collection since you can review the app's source code and see what data it may access or transmit. However, always be cautious when downloading and installing apps from third-party sources and verify that they are legitimate and secure.

It's great that you are conscious about data privacy and want to minimize data collection in your digital life. Choosing open-source alternatives can be a step towards more transparency and control over the apps you use. However, as you rightly mentioned, streaming services and smart devices like Roku may still collect data, and it can be challenging to completely avoid data collection in the modern digital landscape.

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