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Is it possible to move apps from one Roku device to another?

Hello everyone, I apologise if this is a foolish question, but is it possible to transfer apps from one Roku device to another? I now have a Roku Ultra 2020 connected to my older TV, but as a long-overdue upgrade, I recently purchased a Roku-enabled TCL set on Cyber Monday for a fair price. The problem is that Amazon says my TV won't arrive until Friday the 10th, but Google pulled the YouTube app (at least as of this writing), which accounts for around 90% of what I view on my Roku right now, literally the day before. Is it possible to transfer YouTube from my old box to my new setup once my TV arrives? 

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Re: Is it possible to move apps from one Roku device to another?


Your Roku channel apps are tied to your Roku account, not to individual devices.  When setting up your new Roku, as long as you link it to your existing Roku account (i.e. same email address) it will get the same group of channel apps.  If a channel requires a login you may need to log in anew on the new Roku.

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Re: Is it possible to move apps from one Roku device to another?

Step 1
The first step is that the user has to open the browser and enter the link URL in the address bar as shown.

Step 2
On opening the, you will need to enter the code in the space provided. You will find the code present in your Roku Activation screen as shown. On entering the correct code, you should be pressing the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 3
Now the user should be selecting the ‘Yes, I already have one’ button as shown. On clicking, this you will have the sign in option to your account with your credentials

Step 4
And now your new Roku device will begin to start updating the channels that are already included in your Roku account.

You will now be able to transfer the channels from a particular Roku device to another and avoid the process of including each channel one by one to your new Roku device by following the above steps.

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