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Incorrect format IP address

I'm trying to manually input my IP address I put it in exactly as it's printed the way it shows you what it is and it says it's the incorrect format what's incorrect about I can't see anything different the only certain amount of keys I can punch

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Re: Incorrect format IP address


Thanks for the post.

Can you please specify the issue you are experiencing? What are the steps to reproduce the issue you are seeing? Why are you manually inputting the IP address on the Roku mobile app?

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
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Re: Incorrect format IP address

It is possible that you are inputting the IP address in the wrong format. The IP address consists of four numbers separated by periods, and each number can range from 0 to 255. For example, a valid IP address might look like this:

Make sure that you are not including any letters or symbols, and that you are using periods to separate the numbers. If you are still having trouble, you can try using a tool such as a IP address lookup to verify that the IP address you are using is correct.

It is also possible that the issue is with the device or network you are trying to input the IP address into. In that case, you may need to check the documentation for the device or contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

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