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Re: IPhone 14 Pro Private listening crashes Roku app

Just bought an iPhone 14 pro. Same issue. Definitely not going to do a bunch or hard resetting of the phone to fix it, Roku has the crash logs. Like many in this forum, if it’s not fixed soon I’ll just move on to another platform. 

Re: IPhone 14 Pro Private listening crashes Roku app

Roku really needs to address this problem ASAP.

Like many here, I have an iPhone 14 Pro (iOS 16.4.1(a)) and can't connect to my TCL 6 Series 55" 4K TV using the iOS app. I tried 2.4 GHz network, guest network, reset TV, uninstall/reinstall iOS app, manual connect with IP address in app...NOTHING connects to the TV.

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Re: IPhone 13 Private listening crashes Roku app

Any update?

Reel Rookie

Re: IPhone 14 Pro Private listening crashes Roku app

I think that is really our only choice to move on. I have been waiting for five months for Roku to fix this. The only thing they seem to be able to do is - tell us they are working on it. Time to post it all over social media so our friends do not get stuck with a streaming device that will not work with Apples flagship phone...

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Re: IPhone 14 Pro Private listening crashes Roku app

c'mon now. 

another Roku release and another release where this isn't fixed. No, I am not wiping my iPhone and doing a full restore on this. If it happens to fix it, I absolutely worry about the rest of my data. A full restore for one functionality of an app issue is not reasonable. 

Can you just fix the dang thing. 

Or how about this... send me a device with the hard jack so I can actually use private listening sometime in 2023? 

Honestly, both the timeline and communication of this issue has been bottom of the barrel. It has been the smegma of support. Like, if I had to think about this experience and weigh it against having a sunburn, I would rather have a sunburn. Have you ever bit your tongue once and then because it was swollen, you continued biting it again and again, making it worse? This is worse than that.

It has wasted my time and made me annoyed. Partially because you haven't fixed it, but also partially because of the communication. 


Re: IPhone 14 Pro Private listening crashes Roku app

The community is likely on to something here and it would be in Roku’s best interest to read. I see some other engineers posting in here and will provide my feedback as well.

The reason support asked (and keeps asking) for device details is they likely didn’t know where the issue was coming from. Might still not know. Regardless, the behavior indicates the Roku app’s incorrect handling of iOS 16 install processes with likely tighter security protocol on newer phones.

Why do I believe this? As someone who only started experiencing this issue after upgrading to an iPhone 14 Pro with iOS 16, I had to do a CLEAN install of every app on my new phone. I could only migrate my photos and had to do clean installs of every single app. With that being said, migration being the root cause seems a secondary issue.

The real issue appears to be with the app installation. I have installed/reinstalled this app many times at this point and it yielded varying install results:

Note: Private listening and requiring devices to be found via manual installation happened with every install.

  • App crashed every time I opened it
  • Private listening crashes after selecting headphone icon (noticed the typical pop-up with headphone info tries to display too)
  • Unable to auto-detect devices
  • App itself was missing in “Notifications” iPhone setting
  • Unable to locate app in Settings search or in Storage

Again, these are all different unexpected behaviors from different installations.

@GuiQuadros and others seem to be on to this as well. But we need Roku product and development to prioritize this issue as you’re already impacting potential and future revenue.

Channel Surfer

Re: Roku app works on iPad but not on iphone14. It won’t find any Roku tvs.

This happens to me too. 

I have to manually enter the IP address on iPhone 14 so I can control the Tv. But private listening mode won’t work on it. 

welcome to the iPhone 14 issue that Roku won’t recognize 

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Re: IPhone 14 Pro Private listening crashes Roku app

@joshb166Your assessment jibes with what happened. New phone and transferred everything to my phone. 

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App crashes when I try to listen to audio

I am so disappointed, I purchased 4 devices (express 4K+) and discovered I cannot control my BOSE solo with the remote and now when I try to listen to the audio through the mobile app, the app crashes every time I click on the headphone icon.  

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: App crashes when I try to listen to audio

Hey @Comptu

Welcome to the Roku Community!

We understand that you're experiencing an issue with controlling your speaker using the remote and the Roku mobile app that keeps crashing. Let us help you, and we'll get this fixed together. For non-Roku soundbars, the Roku remote only controls the TV's volume, then the TV controls the soundbar's volume. To ensure this control interface, the Bose soundbar must be connected through the HMDI-ARC of your TV, and make sure that the TV recognizes the soundbar as a CEC device. For more info regarding this process, check out this link: How to enable HDMI-CEC and ARC on your TV

Also, what mobile device are you using for the Roku mobile app? Keep us posted, and let us know if there is anything else that we can further assist. We'll look forward to your response.

All the best,


Takashi O.
Roku Community Moderator
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