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HOW DO I GET HELP FROM ROKU? No Private Listening with Express 4K+ and Iphone 13 Pro

I am dependent on the private listening feature.  My airpods started working periodically, about a month ago, along with a few other issues connecting the app to the Roku.  I researched and saw that my issue could be that my stick was (way) older.  Since then, I upgraded my older Roku Stick, to an Express 4K+ (thinking that would help).  Now that I've set it up, my airpods do not work at all.  Not only that, but wired earbuds don't work.  I used my airpods with my son's Iphone 12 Mini (through my Roku), and private listening it's not my airpods.  I tried my son's airpods on my 13 Pro, they didn't work.  I have checked our airpod settings in the phones against each other, and they are the same.  Both phones are running the Roku app version 8.7.0.  My phone is running iOS 15.6.1.  My son's phone is running iOS 15.5.  I also ran my airpods through my son's Roku Streaming Stick+ (3810x), and they worked.  The ultimate airpods work on our outdated iPad Mini 2 (iOS 12.5.5) through the Roku app.  So it's (literally) private listening does not work between the Express 4K+ and Iphone 13 Pro.  I know my old Roku was not dependable, but at least it occassionally worked 😞  The Express 4K+ was just installed, so it's software is up to date (version 11.0.0, build 4193-CR).  I have deleted my app and reinstalled; obviously, that didn't help.

On a side note, I jumped on board Roku when they first came out.  I've never needed customer support.  All these years later, it's disappointing that there isn't any way to speak (or chat) with a human.  It's frustrating to know that I will have to go back and forth on a message board, hoping that someone sees this or that my problem will eventually get solved.

#privatelistening #iphone13pro #express4k+

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Reel Rookie

Re: HOW DO I GET HELP FROM ROKU? No Private Listening with Express 4K+ and Iphone 13 Pro

Are you running a VPN on your iPhone 13. If I run one on my IPhone XR, it keeps the private listening from working. If I have the app off, it works fine. 

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