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Experiencing issues with Roku TV connecting to mobile remote

My Roku and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Yet my Roku won’t connect to my phone or vice versa unless I manually check my network connection. This includes connecting my YouTube from my phone to my Roku, just opening up the Roku mobile app as a remote. It will tell me that the TV needs to be woken up just for me to have to grab the physical remote, check my network connections via the settings, then having the TV showing up as connected after I’ve done that. It was not doing this prior to the update on November 17. I just don’t know how to fix it now. I have tried resetting my TV, resetting my phone, resetting the app. Disconnecting/forgetting the TV. Reconnecting to the TV. I’m just truly at at loss. When I try to connect manually via The app it is even telling me that my IP address, that I am pulling directly from my “about “on the Roku TV, is not valid. At this point I’m not sure if it is my app or the tv. #rokutv #rokumobileapp 

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Re: Experiencing issues with Roku TV connecting to mobile remote

I have a Westinghouse 55" roku tv and my mobile device will not wake the tv either. It has been this way since the last update in November. I have 3 other roku devices that work just fine with my mobile device, its just the tv that it happens on. If I use the roku remote to check the connection it says I'm connected and the signal is strong. After doing that my mobile device will connect to the tv and after a short time it disconnects and will not wake.

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