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Reel Rookie

Changing channels on Spectrum TV app, using Roku mobile app with android smartphone

I have problems using the arrows on my Roku remote because I'm a senior gal with severe arthritis, and I would like to try downloading the Roku mobile app to my Samsung AO2s android smartphone.  I primarily use the Spectrum TV app, nearly 100% of the time, and changing channels is a painful issue for me.  If I download the Roku mobile app, will I be able to use my smartphone to change channels (preferably using my voice) within the Spectrum TV app?  More specifically, I want to say something like, "Hey, Roku - turn on Channel 12 in my Spectrum TV app."  Where I live, Channel 12 is the local NBC affiliate; but I'm afraid if I just ask Roku to turn on NBC, it will go to the NBC app, the NBC News app, the NBC Sports app, or any other NBC affiliate whose app I have put on my homepage (NBC 5 in Chicago, TMJ4 in Milwaukee, NBC 26 in Green Bay, etc.).  Being from a different generation, I don't know a lot about these things, so I would be grateful for any ideas, suggestions or instructions that anyone can provide.  Thanks and have a nice day🌞

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