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Call phone remote

Is there a way to block other people form using there cellphone on your own television .    My kids have a tv and when I take the remote it self they still turn on the television with there tablet 

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Roku Guru

Re: Call phone remote

You can try disabling "Control by mobile apps":  Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Control by mobile apps/Network access/disabled

However, when I tested this with recent firmware versions, the setting was broken ("disabled" still allowed complete access by any/all mobile apps).

And there other methods of potentially controlling the TV (like Screen Mirroring, AirPlay2 & HomeKit, Device Connect, and HDMI CEC, to name a few), so you might need disable those as well:  

Screen Mirroring:  Settings/System/Screen mirroring/screen mirroring mode=never

AirPlay2 & HomeKit:  Settings/Apple Airplay2 & HomeKit/AirPlay=off

Device connect:  Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Device connect=Disable device connect

If you have a Roku player device, and dont want it turning on your TV indirectly using HDMI-CEC, you'd want to disable that too:   Settings/System/Control other devices=uncheck 1 touch play

if you have a Roku TV, and dont want it being turned on by/turning on other devices connected to it (or apps on phones connected to other devices connected to it), then you might want to disable that:  Settings/System/Control other devices (CEC)/etc.

If your kids are particularly adept with programming/systems configuration/networking they may figure out other available means as well (kids often find ways around access restrictions, as that tends to motivate them/pique their curiosity), so keep that in mind regardless.

Also keep in mind that if you use any of the relevant functionality yourself, you'd lose access to it if its disabled.

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