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Bug Report: cannot switch devices from Remote screen, have to go to Devices screen to switch

I have two Roku devices. In the Android mobile app, whichever device I'm not currently connected to is always listed as offline and it won't let me switch from the drop-down at the top of the Remote screen. If I X out of the Remote screen and go into Devices, it shows both of them and I can just tap the other one to switch. Then going back to Remote I can use it fine, but now the Remote screen drop-down shows the first one offline and I can't switch back. One screen showing both devices online and the other not feels like a bug.

My network setup: I have a "guest" WiFi network which can only access the internet, and is used for IOT stuff, which includes the Roku boxes. My phone logs into the normal network, which can see everything in the house, including stuff on the guest network. The app only scans the VLAN it's currently connected to for devices, which means the auto scan does not find the devices, and when I initially set them up, I had to manually enter their IP addresses in the app. As noted above, this works just fine except for that one drop down at the top of the Remote screen.

Android Roku Remote version

Android 12

Samsung Galaxy S10+

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