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App connection not working on iPhone

Since 02/22/2021 The Roku app will not find any of my three Roku devices that are all on the same network. I have reset the modem I have reset the router I have factory reset the TVs. I did get one TV to connect by doing it manually but the app still keeps dropping it. The app still works fine on my wife’s android phone I have iPhone XR iOS version 14.4. Also my son has the same phone same version and the app will not connect to any of the Roku devices on his phone either. This is only been happening for the last two days before that it worked fine.


Re: App connection not working on iPhone

I just got a new Roku device and I am having the same issue. I can open the app and do everything except go over to the "Devices" tab. As soon as I click that, the whole app crashes. I have an iPhone as well, with the current software update. 

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