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Anyone else lose the ability to turn off the display in the last day??

I just hooked up couple Google home products to my network. Everything working great, I am able to use the Chromecast I have hooked up to my main Roku-based TCL to use the TV as another speaker! Streamed same music all through every room in my apartment for cheap!

Yesterday, without problem i told the Roku app on my Android phone to turn off the display as I have done many times while streaming music channels. It worked flawlessly. Today the Roku beeps at me and tells me it is "unable to do this."

Talked to a service bot (at least i hope it wasn't an actual person), and they gave me very little support (beyond did you try to turn it off and back on again?) and tried to shuffle me off to TCL saying it must be a hardware problem and it's not ours to support, which makes no sense, as there has been no change to my hardware between when this worked and when it didn't.

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