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Annoying Roku Overlays on Android Apps

Whenever I open YouTube Music and play an album, an ugly rainbow bordered overlay bar shows over the bottom of the album cover telling me to click here to play on my TCL Roku TV. I don't want to ever play my content on my TCL Roku TV, unless I specifically tell it too, that's what the stream button is for. 

While this may be a handy feature for some, it just irks me. How do I turn that off? There are no options in settings, and it's really annoying that just because I bought a smart TV with Roku built in and downloaded the app to control that TV, I am forced to have my other steaming apps hijacked, without option to turn that off - I bought a TV and downloaded an app, not bought a TV and downloaded an app that feels it has the right to do what it wants when on my phone.

The only solutions I have found by messing around are:

a) uninstall the Roku App

b) Disable the App. 

Of course, uninstalling the app means I have to redownload and install the app when I want to use the phone on that Smart TV, which is very rarely because it's a bedroom TV and I only use it really when I am sick. Disabling the app allows me to merely enable the app again, but because I use that TV so infrequently, I'll have to update the app, again wasting time.

Vizio doesn't do this. Google doesn't do this. No idea or care what Apple does tbh.

How do I stop the Roku app from doing this?

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