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Not connected to wifi and no remote

I do not have a Roku remote for my Roku LT. I have tried downloading several wireless remotes such as apps onto my phone but none have worked. They all need the device IP address which always comes up as nonexistent when I try to connect a new device. I cannot get my Roku to connect to my wifi because I have no remote and I cannot get a mobile remote because my device does not show up when searched for. I have tried resetting my Roku several times. Help! 

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Re: Not connected to wifi and no remote


There have been several Roku LT models, the last being model 2700 released in 2013, all of which will respond to any inexpensive universal infrared remote you can find at a local dollar store, discount store, etc, that says it supports Roku devices.   Not only can you use this to set up your Roku, you'll then have a remote to use with it.

But honestly, LTs are old technology and personally I wouldn't spend much time or money trying to get it working.  They can't run popular channels such as Prime Video, Hulu Live TV, and HBO Max that depend on features and capabilities added in more recent Rokus,  And any of today's product line will run rings around an old LT in terms of speed and responsiveness.

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Re: Not connected to wifi and no remote


Thanks for the post.

As @makaiguy mentioned, the Roku LT is a much older device that is no longer supported. However, we would be happy to see what we can do to help get you back up and running.

Please provide us with the serial number of your Roku device (printed on the side/back of the device) and I'll have our support team reach out directly to assist you further. 



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Re: Not connected to wifi and no remote

Hi Danny, same issue with mine also for the last days. The Roku shows not connected and I have tried all options I could. Shall I give you the serial no and  see if you can help? 


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