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Finding age and model numbers

I have spent a few hours "just simply" looking for some IDs and info. I'm not looking to buy a Roku. I have Roku. But online it's a mystery to me on why it's so difficult to get any info. I have an "RC80" and an "RC101" I FINALLY found in very light print that the one Roku, the RC 101, is 3700X. When did I buy it? How old is it possibly? Is it still on the market? The RC 80 is the only thing I can find on the inside of the other remote. Same questions. Any help is appreciated. 

I plan on upgrading them both to at least the Roku that has volume control (We have the Ultra+ in the den). Thanks. 


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Re: Finding age and model numbers


To find your Roku device model number, navigate to Settings...System...About (then press Ok or right arrow button).  This will reveal a bunch of different info re: model, serial #, IP address etc.

To find your Roku remote number, navigate to Settings...System...Remotes & Devices...About

A good reference page for the Roku re: Roku device models, features, age is

You can also login to your online dashboard account at and obtain a little of the info as well (serial, model, date of activation, etc)

For Roku's part, their website contains all the information regarding support and products. All their newer devices that have 4k/4k+ after the model name should have the expanded voice control/power control lacking in the older Express(3700x) models, that you are looking for.  Anything you see that includes "Simple Remote" generally lacks the voice control/power features. 

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Re: Finding age and model numbers

@tuckerdogavl wrote:

...  I have an "RC80" and an "RC101" I FINALLY found in very light print that the one Roku, the RC 101, is 3700X. ...

The RC numbers are the Remote Control numbers. There is no one-to-one relationship between the remote control numbers and the Roku model numbers. (Of course, there's an exception to this. The Roku 2 XS is the only device that came with a Bluetooth remote. Both the Roku 2 XS and the Bluetooth remote were discontinued in early 2013.)

You can put different remotes on different devices. The remote that came with your Roku Express model 3700 (introduced October 2016, discontinued October 2017) will work with every Roku box. Some others came with that same remote. That remote won't work with Roku TV devices or Sticks, but works with all boxes.

The Wikipedia page that @AvsGunnar mentioned is a great resource, but it doesn't cover remote control numbers.

Now that you know that the remote control number doesn't coorelate to specific Roku model numbers, do you need the remote control number?

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Re: Finding age and model numbers

The model number and serial number is also printed on the box/casing of most Roku streaming devices. Often small and hard to soon, and may be covered by an adhesive strip. Use strong good light to see numbers.

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