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iOS Roku Private Listening Sleep Time Out?

Hi all,

Having a random problem I can't get to the bottom off.

I use the Roku app on my iPhone 12 Pro Max to connect to the various Roku devices in my home which include a streambar, HiSense Roku TV as well some Roku Express devices. No matter what I listen too all have this issue so I believe it's something in the app rather than the devices themselves.

After about an hour of perfect playback in private listening mode, the app decides that my streambar or TV has gone to sleep/offline and transfers the sound back to the TV (usually waking up my wife) where it continues playing. If I reconnect my app to the device, private listening is available again and I can resume.

Is there a setting for a timeout somewhere that I haven't found? I've switched off background app refresh within iOS but I can't see anything else. Anyone else have this issue or knows how to turn it off so I can watch a 2 hour+ film without waiting for the sound to return to the TV!


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Re: iOS Roku Private Listening Sleep Time Out?

1)  Restart all devices (Rokus/Phone) - try again 

         Roku Players:  Settings/System/System Restart/Restart  

         Roku TV:   Settings/System/Power/System Restart/Restart

2) Revert/roll back the Remote app to the prior version - try again

3)  Report this to Roku directly: 

     chat/email:    (choose setup/streambar/other/need more help?)

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