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Level 7

Using Roku Android app for YouTube searching

The Roku Android app works fine with most of the Channel search boxes. I put the cursor in the text search box and use the Android app to enter, type in and edit my search terms with the app's keyboard.

This is not working with the YouTube channel. On the YouTube channel, when I go to its search screen, I am not allowed to input my text from the Android app. YouTube only allows me to use the on-screen hunt-and-peck method for entering text.

Am I missing something or is this all I can do? Does YouTube use a proprietary search entry box that is not fully compatible with the Android app? 

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Level 8

Re: Using Roku Android app for YouTube searching

Hey jake, I know it's been a long time, but just in case SO else has the same question. I used one of the apps available for my android phone and I can completely search  in Youtube using Youtube keyboard. I think Iyou got the wrong app. Try other apps available, and you will see. You can easily use your smartphone as a remote.

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