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Smartphone private listening studder and digital noises.

I have 2 Roku products, with this same issue. One 2 days old. The returned 3900x, had this issue too... so now its 3 that have the same problem. The software version is the newest (9.1.0 Build 4919-91). This happens on more than 1 Android 9 device. Therefore, it's not the phones and tablets.

When private listening, the audio studders, cuts in and out, and the audio has a digital time stretching sound, like separated bits in a slow motion for a second... but frequently. I also noticed that "switching" from a spot (commercial) to the show and show to a spot makes the digital artifacts happen. Then it settles down, with listenable audio for a while, til the next "switching" event. The Roku app remote works well, except for getting into secret screens.

1) I rebooted the Roku 3921RW
2) Did a chip reset in secret screen
3) Started the TV show after headphones were plugged in
4) Exited the app and went back into it fresh
5) Rebooted the phone.
6) Verified both were on the same 2.4 network
7) Verified no issues with my internet or the ISP

I think I did what I needed to do on my end.

System info:

Model: 3921RW
Software: 9.1.0 Build 4919
Wifi Stregnth: Excellent
Wifi Channel: 11
Internet speed: 100mb download (12 mbps used by Roku, per secret screen setting), 10 mbp upload.
Phone OS: Android 9
Phone Signal: 5 bars of WiFi
Distance of phone from Roku: About 6 feet
Distance of WiFi to Roku: 5 feet

Any ideas on what's going on? It's not like I have 9mb internet. Then I can understand this phenomenon.

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Level 9

Re: Smartphone private listening studder and digital noises.

Strange... just got an email saying Danny a Roku employee responded. Was the response rescinded?

Update: upgraded my internet, to see if the audio cleared up. It did. I now have 400mbps download and 20 mbps upload. Works just fine now. Very odd, as audio does not take 15 mbps to stream. This was a fact when I did IT for Cumulus Media/Westwood One Network. Is the audio uncompressed WAV audio?
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