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Level 7

Roku mobile app 7.0.2 July 2020 update

With this new update the size of the remote had become much much smaller and harder to use.   This is due to the new buttons that cut the size down too much. Please add some functionality so that it brings back the old remote size.   

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Level 7

Re: Roku mobile app 7.0.2 July 2020 update

I hate this shrinking of the screen , galaxy tab a, it is way too small to use.. may as well use my phone, would rather use the remote itself.but that is impossible.. liked the tab remote perfectly till this.

They use WAY too much space for the button I don't need on my screen, wish they had a revert option, to get it the way it was.

Or at least let you customize it...

It was fine the way I was, you could hit the buttons without hitting the wrong one,,..I had a stroke, it is not easy hitting those buttons

Level 20

Re: Roku mobile app 7.0.2 July 2020 update

For the record, if you have an Android based device it is possible to roll back app updates and prevent them from individually updating: 

1) Open Google Play Store/Menu/My Apps And Games

2) Highlight and select the Roku app (dont open it)

3) Select the 3-dot icon in the upper right corner, uncheck "Enable auto update"

4) Download 7.0.1 - (there are other sites too..)

5) Uninstall the Roku app (7.0.2)

6) Install the Roku app from chrome/etc downloads (7.0.1)

7)  Open Play Store/My Apps And Games/Select Roku, verify auto-update is still disabled

8)  Ignore any notifications/updated versions offers from the Play Store for the Roku app

9)  Use and enjoy

*Procedure can be used with any app, assuming you have access to a prior version from a "trustable" source...