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Roku iOS 13.3.1 phone app disconnecting

I have seen other topics of the same nature, but on my iPhone 11, which is updated, along with my Insignia 32” roku tv, also updated, is not able to sustain a connection. I’ve deleted the app on my phone and reinstalled and will connect for about 2 seconds and then loses the connection, it will not reconnect. I’ve powered on and off the phone after the app was deleted and no such luck. I haven’t had the phone long, but never encountered with ios13.3.1 on the iPhone 8+

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Re: Roku iOS 13.3.1 phone app disconnecting

I keep having my iPhone app freeze as well. I am on an iPhone 7 with iOS 13.3.1 and the app software

This issue has been happening for a while. It will work sometimes but usually just “spins”and is unresponsive on the Roku. A button press may register 5-10 seconds later.

i am using a Roku Streaming Stick+ with software version on 5ghz WiFi.

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