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Roku app won't let multiple phones connect to Roku Premiere

As of last week, only one phone of the two in our house are now able to connect to our Roku Premiere using the Roku app.  When one phone's able to connect, the other's kicked off and not able to find the Roku through our network.  I've done everything in this post , without success.

I restarted my modem and router today, which gave our Roku a new IP address; using that and the 'manual method' of directly entering the IP address, I was able to reconnect my phone that wasn't able to find it last week.  However, now my wife's phone isn't able to find the Roku, even when manually entering the new IP address.

It seems that the app only lets one phone connect to the Roku; attempts to connect multiple phones and a tablet fail, they can't find the Roku.  Anyone else having this issue and maybe find a way around it?

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