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Roku app and Roku tv connection issue

I have tried to connect my Roku app to my Roku TV a few times, and at first the app just couldn't find my TV. So I tried manually adding the TV with the IP address. Even with being on the same wifi and putting in the IP address it still wouldn't connect. I forgot about it for a while, and tried to connect again today. My TV was on and I had Hulu on in the background, the app found my tv but said it was off. I tried to connect and it said "waking tv up" and then told me it could not connect and to turn on my TV and try again. I tried 3 times, turning my TV off and on again, it wouldn't work. I tried to connect with the IP address again, and my phone had the IP address 3/4 auto populated and wanted me to finish it. However part of what was auto populated was wrong. I tried easing it and typing the correct IP address in and it again told me it could not wake up my device and I needed to turn it on. The TV was on the whole time, and I can't figure out how to connect the app to my TV. 

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Re: Roku app and Roku tv connection issue

Are you sure you have the officially supported Roku app?

Remove it and reinstall it on your phone making sure its the Official App.

Is it IOS or Android?

Have the TV on and streaming something on Roku.

What type of wifi router do you have? That also feeds the Roku?

Is your remote working fine?

Roku Ultra ---Ethernet rules---
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Re: Roku app and Roku tv connection issue

I've had a very similar problem where the app often won't connect to the Roku streaming stick.  I have to reboot my modem / router to get it to work.  Using an iPhone X and the official roku app.

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